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Jerome RaskaJerome Raska AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI – Inducted 2023

As many of you know Jerome is no stranger to the floral industry or the membership of the Great Lakes Floral Association (GLFA).  He has faithfully been a member of our Association for over 40 years.  He has served on countless committees as well as the Board of Directors for both the GLFA and GLFF.  He served the Association as President from 2003 – 2005 and then again from 2016 – 2020 and as GLFF Chairman from 2020 – 2022.  Jerome has always been known for his impeccable work ethic and his service to the industry and community.  His positive can-do attitude is unparalleled and very infectious!

Great Lakes Floral Foundation Inducted

Jerome Raska into Hall of Fame! 

On the evening of October 17, 2023, the Great Lakes Floral Foundation inducted Mr. Jerome Raska AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI into the Hall of Fame. 

The event was held in the beautiful Vega room and Pavilion at The Vault in Holly, MI. The evening started at 6:00pm with a reception where over 100 attendees enjoyed appetizers, libations, and good conversation.  At 7:00pm sharp Foundation President and emcee Rodney Crittenden welcomed everyone and thanked the event sponsors.  He then informed the attendees that not only were we honor Jerome tonight, but that tomorrow was a very special Birthday for Jerome.  After singing an inspiring round of “Happy Birthday” Mr. Crittenden invited Robbin Yelverton AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI to give the invocation.  Attendees enjoyed a delicious five course gourmet meal which ended with an Ice Cream Sundae bar and Birthday cake for dessert.

At 8:00pm stories and tales of Jerome began starting with Derek Woodruff AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI who was followed by Kristi Flatt, Laura Shinall AAF, GLFA President Allison Ludema, Jerome’s daughter Rochelle Silcox, Amanda Foreman (New owner of Blumz), Deborah De La Flor AAF, AIFD, PFCI and Jerome’s partner of 23 plus years Robbin Yelverton AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI.   GLFF Chair Teresa Cytlak then told the audience of how she challenged some of Jerome’s friend to describe him in one word.  These are a few of the words they came up with.  Complex, Spirited, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Leader, Incomparable, Bulldog, Funny and Persuasive.  She then invited Jerome to the podium where she presented him with his Hall of Fame award.

The Great Lakes Floral Foundation would like to thank Kennicott Brothers Company, Syndicate Sales, and Teleflora for their Diamond Presenting Sponsorships and Norman Smith Enterprises (NSE) for their Bronze Sponsorship of the event.  Thank You to the team at Blumz in Holly, MI for setting up and creating the beautiful décor for the evening and to Kennicott Brothers, DWF Flint and Toledo for providing the flowers.

If you would like honor Mr. Raska on his induction into the Hall of Fame with a monetary donation you may do so online here: or call the office at (517) 575-0110.

(LtoR) GLFF Chair Teresa Cytlak presents Mr. Jerome Raska with the 2023 GLFF Hall of Fame Award

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