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Why Should A Floral Professional Become A Certified Florist?

There are many reasons for floral professionals to become certified florists. Most associations which offer the certification provide advertising tools so that you can communicate to the public that you have achieved a high level of professional training.

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2019 Test Dates
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June 16, 2019
October 13, 2019

Become A Certified Florist

Here’s just a brief list of benefits you can gain from becoming a certified florist:

Retail Florist Shop Owners

  • Become your area’s most respected florist.
  • Learn the best current practices from recognized floral professionals.
  • Great advertising tool for your flower shop.
  • Freshen up on design skills.
  • Learn the latest design trends.
  • Use the accreditation’s logo and advertising tools to build credibility with your community.
  • Great networking opportunity.

Retail Florist Employees

  • Build your skills.
  • Make yourself more valuable to your employer.
  • Job Security.

Free-lance Designers

  • Keep up on current trends.
  • Great networking opportunity.
  • Learn the best current practices from recognized floral professionals.
  • Freshen up on design skills.

Floristry Students

  • Build your skills.
  • Make yourself more employable in the industry.

Party and Event Designers

  • Keep up on current trends.
  • Great networking opportunity.
  • Learn the best current practices from recognized floral professionals.
  • Freshen up on design skills.

What’s a Certified Florist?
Your Michigan Floral Association has created an exciting certification program for retail florists called the Certified Florist (CF for short). In this program, a Certified Florist is one who both possesses professional expertise and passes a certification process.

Why should you be certified?
As a retail florist, you know the importance of both skillful employees and a consumer who appreciates their arrangements. As a Certified Florist, you’ll get both. Here’s how:

Set Yourself Apart.
Your Michigan Floral Association will market the Certified Florist as a “respected” and “knowledgeable” florist. When you become certified, customers will prefer you over your competition.

Create Better Work
Part of the certification process involves education of core retail floral knowledge. Regardless of your experience, there’s always something to learn. When you’re certified your work will show it, and your customers will know it!

Get Better Employees or Jobs
Any good florist wants to become better. The CF program helps you do just that. If you’re a manager or owner, that means you can quickly identify those prospective employees with standardized skill levels. If you’re an employee, that means you become more valuable to your employer.

What is the Certified Florist Program?
The Certified Florist Program (or CF) is a self-study certification program. Specifically designed for those in the retail floral industry, the CF provides recognition for a standardized, professional level of knowledge and expertise. CF is a renewable, “continuing education” form of certification.

How does the CF Work?
Whether you embark on certification yourself, or are sponsored by an employer, you’ll contact the MFA office for a registration package. When your manual arrives, you may study as long as necessary to prepare for the examination.

To become a Certified Florist, you’ll need to pass an examination scheduled by the MFA. The content of the manual, as well as its practical application in the industry, will comprise most of the exam questions. You may retake the exam as often as necessary, and when you pass, you’ll join a select group of Certified Florists at a ceremony during the MFA spring convention.

What will I get as a Certified Florist?
Along with the recognition of industry peers, both graduates of CF and their employers receive certificates proclaiming their achievements. Other marketing materials are available, such as door stickers, pins or patches, and camera-ready artwork for ad layouts. Your Michigan Floral Association will also prepare and mail a news release announcing your accomplishment to your local newspaper.

Who’s in charge of CF?
The Certified Florist Program is solely and exclusively a voluntary program sponsored by your Michigan Floral Association, and is not in any way connected with any agency of the government.

Who’s creating CF?
Members from the Michigan Floral Association’s CF Certification Committee administer the CF. Member’s names are available at your Michigan Floral Association office.

A committee of volunteers (including industry experts, university and high school instructors, and florist practitioners) gives direction and content to the CF Manual. This committee has been planning and developing this program since 1996.

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