GLFA Industry Awards

Each year at the annual Saturday night recognition banquet at the Great Lakes Floral Expo the association acknowledges companies and individuals whom have been selected as “First Amongst Your Peers.” The categories for the awards include:

Wholesaler of the Year – This company or individual has demonstrated outstanding service and support to the GLFA.

Wholesale Employee of the Year – This individual has demonstrated exemplary service and product knowledge to the members of the Great Lakes Floral Association.

Retailer of the Year – This Active Association member has promoted high standards and professionalism not only to the industry but also to the community that they serve.

Retail Employee of the Year – This individual is an employee of an Active Association member and has demonstrated professionalism and a dedication to the success of the company in which they are employed.

Lifetime Achievement Award – This individual has dedicated the majority of their life to the floral industry. Through their love and passion the industry is better today.

Young Person of the Year – This individual is an employee of an Active Association member and has been employed in the floral industry for a minimum of two years. They must be 35 years of age or younger upon presentation of the award. This person can come from any segment of the industry.

National Service Award – This individual or company is connected to the floral industry locally, nationally, or internationally. They may be a retailer, wholesaler, grower, educator, etc. and have demonstrated outstanding service to the floral industry of America.

Special Recognition – This award is presented to an individual or company that has shown exemplary dedication to the Great Lakes Floral Association. The Great Lakes Floral Association has directly benefited through the contributions of the recipient. They must be an Active member or an employee of an Active member of the association.

To nominate yourself or someone to receive an award please complete the nomination form below. If you have any questions please email Awards and Nomination chairperson Teresa Cytlak at [email protected]

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Industry Award Nomination

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