Money Saving Tips When Ordering Flowers This Valentines Day!

It is important for consumers to shop local and that doesn’t mean they can’t shop online but they do need to make sure they are on their local florists website.  Whether consumers shop in person or online they need to understand how to maximize their dollars when shopping for Valentines Day flowers.  Many on-line providers or companies will be posing as a local flower shop and will be charging exorbitant fees for processing, handling and shipping the flowers.  Consumers can avoid these fees by contacting a professional florist directly.  Consumers can find local Michigan professional florists by logging on to

Consumers need to know exactly whom they are ordering from.  If they are not sure they should call the shop number listed on the website or in the directory and ask the person who answers what their physical address is.  If the answer is vague, or not in the area that they are looking for, hang up and continue searching until you find a local business.  This is the only sure way to guarantee that you will be getting the maximum value for the dollars you spend. The best advice is; “BUYER BEWARE”! Many of these on line sites disguise themselves as LOCAL BUSINESSES when they really are not.

Following are advantages for ordering flowers directly from the professional florist:

  • You will have a storefront to visit and shop if needed.
  • You will have experienced floral designers on staff to create your design.
  • You will have experienced sales people to help with your selection and who will get to know you and your tastes.
  • They can create a custom design just for you.
  • They will know what’s in season, appropriate and available in your area. Only your local florist will know this.
  • They will value you as a customer and will assure your order is done properly, whether it is a local or out-of-town order.
  • Your money stays local, which benefits the local economy and community directly.

Things to remember when ordering flowers:

  • Order early, ordering early will help insure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Confirm they have a storefront where you can visit and shop.
  • Make sure you’re not speaking with a Telemarketing Center.
  • Each time you call confirm whom you are speaking with.
  • Give the occasion (Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Funeral etc.)
  • Have the following information ready:
    • Recipient’s full name
    • Recipient’s address, including any building names, apartment number or business name
    • Recipient’s phone number
  • Ask about in-house specials and product availability/pricing. Many times you can get the best quality product by letting the florist choose a design for you in your price range.
  • Give names and/or message for enclosure card information.
  • If your order is placed by 1:00pm EST, florists can usually deliver the same day (except Sundays). To allow your florist to serve you most effectively, try to give them 24 hours to deliver your floral gift.
  • Give delivery date and time recipient will be at the given address. Keep in mind that florists cannot give exact delivery times, and may not be able to guarantee any time range. For best results, give a date when the recipient will be there all day.
  • Always be sure to give your daytime telephone number to the florist in case there are any problems with your order.
  • Supply payment information.

By following these simple suggestions it will help to insure that you have a great experience every time your order flowers!

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