It’s the countdown to the holiday of love…Valentine’s Day is Thursday, February 14th.
What should consumers give to express their love?  Flowers, of course.
Romance is literally in full bloom when the flowers arrive!

Where should consumers go to get their flowers for love? Locally, of course! Neighborhood professional florists can create a personal design just for that special someone.

Local professional florists can get you flowers that are as unique and creative as your love. A professional florist will have distinctive and varied designs to fit every recipient’s taste and style.

Start Valentine’s Day celebration early and send flowers to the office. Want to impress your Valentine and their co-workers? Order and send your flowers early. Flowers received on Monday before Valentine’s will still look beautiful on the 14th, and what a surprise and delight to be thought of early!

Looking for a professional florist couldn’t be easier than searching the Michigan Floral Association Member list at These member Michigan florists are skilled professionals that pride themselves on their exclusive flower designs that will show your love!

Consumers can also search for local florists online through numerous search engines but are cautioned to make certain they connect with and are working with a community florist. There are on-line providers who pose as a local flower shop and will charge exorbitant fees for processing, handling and shipping the flowers. Always make sure the florist website you go on has a local address and storefront.

Following are advantages for ordering flowers directly from a professional florist:

  • Your money stays local, which benefits the local economy and community directly.
  • Experienced sales staff to know what is in-season, appropriate and available in your area. Only your local florist will know this.
  • Experienced floral designers on staff to create your unique design.
  • Experienced sales people to help with your flower and design selection. The sales staff will get to know you and your recipient’s taste for the perfect design fit.
  • A storefront to visit and shop if needed.
  • Always assure your order is done correctly, whether it is a local or out-of-town order.

Things to remember when ordering flowers for any occasion:

  • Order early, ordering early will help insure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Confirm they have a storefront where you can visit and shop.
  • Make sure you’re not speaking with a Telemarketing Center.
  • Each time you call confirm whom you are speaking with.
  • Give the occasion (Valentine’s Day, Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Funeral etc.)
  • Have the following information ready:
    * Recipient’s full name
    * Recipient’s address, including any building names, apartment number or business name
    * Recipient’s phone number
  • Ask about in-house specials and product availability/pricing. Many times you can get the best quality product by letting the florist choose a design for you in your price range.
  • Give names and/or message for enclosure card information.
  • If your order is placed by 1:00pm EST, florists can usually deliver the same day (except Sundays). To allow your florist to serve you most effectively, try to give them 24 hours to deliver your floral gift.
  • Give delivery date and time recipient will be at the given address. Keep in mind that florists cannot give exact delivery times, and may not be able to guarantee any time range. For best results, give a date when the recipient will be there all day.
  • Always be sure to give your daytime telephone number to the florist in case there are any problems with your order.

By following these simple suggestions it will help to insure that you have a great experience every time your order flowers!

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