We are please to congratulate all who received awards and special
recognition at ‘Together We Bloom’!


You truly are the Best of the Best!

Certified Florist of the Year

Certified Florist of the Year

Robbin Yelverton, AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI,
Blumz…by JR Designs, Detroit/Ferndale, Michigan

Yelverton is recognized as an education leader, plant and flower care expert, and a premier commentator. He is a hands-on florist noted for his design technique and trend setting arrangements. Additionally, he advertises through social media and appearances at community events promoting his knowledge and love of flowers.




Lifetime Achievement AwardWayne Castleberry

Wayne Castleberry
MAC Technologies, Richmond, Virginia

Castleberry has created numerous post-harvest products used by florists worldwide including the Transporter 10 van delivery system and Arrive Alive packaging for hydrating bouquets. An innovator, inventor, and marketer, he is always looking to share his vision with others and make things better through technology and positive performance. He is also the author of the Fresh Start series of books.




National Service AwardNational Service Award

Dwight Larimer, AAF, PFCI
Design Master Color Tool, Inc., Boulder, Colorado

Larimer is one of the most recognized and respected members of the floral industry. He represents the company at events all over the country. He is a past president of the Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association, served on the board of the American Floral Endowment, and was treasurer of the Society of American Florists. Robbin Yelverton, AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI, Alice Waterous, AIFD, CF, PFCI, and Jerome Raska, AAF, AIFD, CF, PFCI accept the National Service Award on Dwight Larimer’s behalf.



Retail Employee of the YearRetailer of the year

Kim Larsen
Patterson Flowers, Big Rapids, Michigan

Kim has been in the floral industry since the age of 18 and is noted for being hard working and reliable. She always treats customers with respect and goes the extra mile to help them find just the right arrangement, bouquet, or gift. Always learning new things, she   puts them to good use making customers aware of the latest floral trends. She is a valued staff member who has earned her employer’s gratitude and trust.



Retailer of the YearRetailer of the Year

Wasserman’s Flowers and Gifts
Muskegon, Michigan

The company was founded in 1880 by a German immigrant tailor and his wife. It is now run by fifth generation family members, brother and sister Troy Wasserman and Angie Wasserman Nelund. While they honor the shop’s long history, they have remained ahead of the times by keeping up with trends, modernizing their facility, and updating their products and services.One of their attractions is an outdoor patio where customers enjoy refreshments and a view of Lake Muskegon.



Special Recognition Sepecial Award

Barbara Gilbert
Editor, the Professional Florist

After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in journalism, her floral industry career began as editor of Flower News. Then she and her partner started Floral and Nursery Times which was an industry staple for 25 years. Though, not a florist, she has been a cheerleader and representative of the industry at many events both here and abroad. As editor of the Professional Florist magazine, she succeeds in making it a publication association members can be proud of.



Wholesale Employee of the Year

Wholesale Employee of the Year

Janna Herrington
Denver Wholesale Florist, Flint, Michigan

Herrington is noted for her outstanding customer service, always listening to customers and helping fulfill their needs. She is focused on satisfying them and going that extra mile. This dedication has built a relationship of trust and respect among her peers.




Wholesaler of the YearWholesaler of the Year

Mayesh Wholesale Florist
Romulus, Michigan

The Romulus division is part of the Los Angeles-based family owned company which has 16 branches in eight states. The division, known for its service and quality, is committed to helping retail florists keep up with industry trends. Their team of design leaders has established a library of educational videos that are available for free to floral professionals.



Young Person of the Year
Young Person of the Year

Allison Ludema
Ludema Floral and Garden, Grand Rapids, Michigan

A member of the Ludema family, whose firm was begun in the early 1900s, she is the fifth generation in the greenhouse industry. Her career began in elementary school when she helped pick beans, worked in the pumpkin patch, planted flats and learned to become a cashier. Later Allison worked part time as a wedding consultant and graduated from Grand Valley State with a degree in hospitality. Currently, she manages the family business and serves as the wedding/event consultant.