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Michigan Floral Foundation

About the Michigan Floral Foundation – Founded 2007

The Michigan Floral Foundation has been established to support & advance the floral industry, its members and the communities they serve. The Foundation meets this responsibility through educational opportunities and community enrichment activities.

The MFF will periodically honor outstanding members of the floral industry who have mentored and inspired their fellow industry members. The Michigan Floral Foundation Hall of Fame has been established to record the contributions of those so honored.

The Foundation will support and encourage educational opportunities between the public and design professionals approved by the MFF board of directors. These programs will be available at a reasonable charge to non-profit community organizations.

The Foundation will also make available financial assistance to those seeking to become a Certified Florist, such as providing matching funds when candidates purchase their study materials. The board of directors will furnish applications upon request. Grants will be award on a one by one basis in accordance with funds available for distribution.

How can I support the Michigan Floral Foundation?

The Michigan Floral Foundation (MFF) is a 501(c) 3 organization, every contribution is tax deductible and there are many ways that an individual can contribute to the MFF. They can give a living memorial by contributing a monetary amount in honor of a person’s birthday or anniversary or at holiday time. A donation to the MFF can be given in loving memory of a loved one at their passing. One might request the funeral director include the Michigan Floral Foundation as a possible organization to contribute to. A contribution can be given in honor of someone as a way of saying thank you, or make a professional gesture to let them know they are special by acknowledging them in this extraordinary manner.

The intentions have been outlined; our mission statement completed and donations are now being accepted. Every donation is a tax deductable contribution and stays within the State of Michigan and is used within the State of Michigan to help Michigan Florists. So when that person you know has got everything they could possibly want for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas, think of contributing a living memorial in their honor. Make them feel good, give to this cause and keep our State’s florists educated and successful and keep our floral industry professional.

For more info on donating please click the following links. MFF Funding LevelsMFF Individual Donation Levels MFF Corporate Donors.

If you would like to make a donation to the Great Lakes Floral Foundation simply click the link below.

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