Together We Bloom Convention

You still have time to sign up for this weekend’s Together We Bloom convention.

Click here for link to download Great Lakes Floral Expo brochure or for online registration

Why should you go? Here are seven tips on why to attend…

1. Company Connections. Yes, that is the obvious one but think about it. You will be able to make a personal connection with a salesperson or representative of the company whose products you purchase directly or through your wholesaler. Won’t it be great to have a connection with a larger company where you can call and say, “Hi, I met you at the MFA convention and I was hoping you could help.” You will also be able to meet the salesperson you talk with maybe only on the phone and you both can put a face to the name. By connecting with these people outside of the “usual” business hours, you make a stronger impression and your benefits grow.

2. Peer Connections. Why would you want to network with your competition? Because they can help. What a great benefit to have someone in your industry that you could bounce questions off of or ask for extra help. You both can benefit from trading ideas and maybe even become referral partners.

3. New product demonstration. Companies at the trade show or products used during the design shows are going to be the newest products and ideas. It’s the perfect opportunity to touch, feel, hear and see how these new products and ideas can benefit your shop.

4. Educational opportunities. Education sessions can help you better understand the trends in the floral industry, strengthen your business strategy, better position yourself to your clients, and move your business forward. Go to as many as possible, you can always learn more.

6. Free media exposure. Looking for more press? Take a few selfies at the show, maybe with new products or some of the new floral designs and post them on your social media. Let your followers know that you are keeping your designs and shop on the cutting edge with additional education. Get them excited to be your customers.

7. Network with everyone. That means you have to talk with strangers. It’s crucial that you hang out with people you do not know to increase building new relationships. Avoid the classic mistake of sticking with the people you came with or know already and not venturing any further. See someone there by themselves? Go up to them and say hello and start the conversation, you never know what you will learn!

So see you this weekend at the MFA “Together We Bloom” Great Lakes Floral Expo.


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