What is the MFA?

The Michigan Floral Association (MFA), founded in 1920, is a full-service trade association representing florists, growers, suppliers, wholesalers, educators and students Located in Haslett, MI, MFA provides education and professional partnerships, which help to position the members of MFA at the forefront of the floral industry. It is the sponsor of the Certified Florist (CF) program; creates and hosts The Great Lakes Floral Expo; conducts educational seminars throughout the year at the Professional Education Center located at the association headquarters; partners with local wholesale houses around the state to produce design seminars and product reviews, publishes the award winning Professional Florist magazine; hosts the MFA Web site, www.michiganfloral.org, and interacts with state and federal government agencies.

MFA Mission Statement

To provide educational and professional partnerships which help to position MFA members at the forefront of the floral industry.

MFA Education Benefits Membership:

The MFA comes with educational benefits that are priceless. From the annual Great Lakes Floral Expo and the Professional Education Center to the Certified Florist program and The Professional Florist magazine, learn more about these benefits and the professionals who serve as chairperson of each committee. The MFA uses a committee structure to accomplish these projects. The MFA president appoints each chair.