The Great Lakes Floral Association has partnered with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) and developed a radio and television promotion designed to get consumers to buy more flowers. The campaign is titled “Hugs and Smiles” and will run July 27, 2020 through September 30, 2020. It will consist of up to 7500 thirty-second radio and TV spots that will run on MAB stations across the state of Michigan, for complete coverage map see PDF labeled (Stations Coverage Map Broadcasters). The Great Lakes Floral Association (GLFA), Association of Flower Importers of Florida (AFIF), American Floral Endowment Floral Marketing Research Fund, CalFlowers and Asocolflores are funding the campaign.

Michigan is a test for this campaign with the investors. If it is successful here the idea is to roll it out in other states….IN, OH, WI… with the end goal of going nationwide.
Act NOW and implement these ideas and suggestions into your current business plan. Together we can GROW our industry and make our world a better place!

The first step is to register here to participate in the campaign here:

Find participating Florists here

More Campaign Downloads:
View the 30 second TV spot on our YouTube Channel here.

Listen to Allison Ludema Hugs & Smiles bouquet interview with Steve Gruber 8.31.20

Listen to Jerome Raska Hugs & Smiles interview with Steve Gruber 8.10.20 here.

Hugs and Smiles Campaign Press Release 8.6.20

Make The Campaign Work For Me

Click Here to watch the 8.20.20 Hugs & Smiles Zoom Meeting

Watch the recording of the July 23 ZOOM meeting “Make This Campaign Work For Me” video here.

Stations Coverage Map Broadcasters