Did you know the majority of the flowers sold in the United States are imported from Colombia, statistics show it could be as high as eighty percent!  The pandemic has, like in many places, exasperated the economic disparities in Colombia and now there are many demands.  What began as a protest against a new tax law quickly escalated into challenges for flower growers and the floral industry, especially here in the US.  While the tax has been repealed the protests continue.  The protesters know that blocking roads gets attention and stops commerce. Until this unrest subsides flower exports from Colombia will be challenging to say the least. 

Another current stress on the floral industry is the logistical situation.  The airline industry is so busy globally flowers are not a priority, especially when there is unrest at the outbound airports.  Add to this the driver and labor shortage that exist for the trucking industry here in the United States and you have the perfect storm for the possibility brides might not get exactly what they want for their weddings.

With this said we are optimistic things will improve in Columbia as they work through their financial and labor issues. We are also confident people will return to work here in the US as the economy reopens. Consumers may find some delays in obtaining certain varieties but flowers in general are still widely available in the United States.   To ensure satisfaction consumers are encouraged to place orders for certain color palates and looks verses ordering specific floral varieties.